Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mayan art and other pottery items.

                 Hi, It's me, again. I am featuring some more art from the Mayan Culture and pottery. Chrysler Museum had some nice artwork and I hope you enjoy my pictures.




Friday, July 24, 2015

Some more information on Glass.

                       Ever wondered how the glass blowing process is done. Watch this interesting video and get informed. Great information for you and the family.


More unusual art.

                                                  A giant plastic pill

                                           Interesting items

More pictures!

                                        A view of Norfolk, Virginia
                                            My wife and granddaughter
                                       The glass blowing section

                                     More information on glass.

A great museum.


 Hi. I am enclosing some pictures of my visit to the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Va. Me, my wife and granddaughter found it to be an interesting place. When considering where to go, why not drop by Norfolk, Virginia? It has some nice places to visit and you will find great fun for you and the family.
                                       The entrance to the Museum 


                    Glad you could drop by. This is my personal picture blog. In it, you will find some unusual pictures of some of my travel. Very few content here as I will concentrate on sharing some pictures and experiences on my travel. Hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to leave some feedback.

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